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The Wines Of Bordeaux

The Wines Of Bordeaux The Wines Of Bordeaux

€ 124,95


The Wines Of Bordeaux
Vintages and Tasting Notes 1952-2003

Bordeaux produces some of the best and certainly the most expensive wines in the world. Clive Coates gives you up-to-the-minute knowledge to choose confidently and avoid making expensive mistakes. This book covers all the regions and includes the latest information on several hundred estates, which range from large Chateaux to small farmsteads. While there is plenty of information on the most famous Chateaux, it will also point you towards the up-and-coming estates with potential. Detailed information is given on the best vintages, tasting notes on the top wines and which ones give the best value for your money, making choosing Bordeaux wines a pleasure. Visually attractive with stunning line-drawing illustrations. 'What other writer gives you the confidence that he truly knows each property, its terroir, its proprietor and its produce, and can give you a fresh and honest assessment?' 
Hugh Johnson

A must for any serious Brodeaux lover and provides a thorough grounding in the various regional appelations, with a potted biography of the major chateaux. In addition, there are detailed tasting and vintage notes over a 50-year period.' 

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