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Dear people,

I am very sorry I have not communicated regularly. 
Life here is just so crazy right now. 
I am trying to combine my teaching job at the school and the non-profit work at the support center. 
It is not easy sometimes but I can't quit any one of those two jobs. 
The first one brings me some income and keeps me protected from being drafted into the army, 
and the second one is where my heart has been for the last 30 years, so there is no way I can quit it.

Anyway, thank you so much for always trying to help. 

If you ask for specific needs it will be everything that helps survive winter without electricity and heating 
  • generators, 
  • portable gas heaters 
  • stoves, thermoses
  • flashlights and camping lanterns 
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • candles
  • power banks
  • thermal underwear
  • winter jackets and sweaters
  • warm blankets... 
But for most of our young people even food and medicines is a great need right now.
We can buy that heren with your help!

What was not destroyed by bombings is being destroyed by power outages. 
Businesses can't operate without electricity so many are closing. 
And those who are still open work several hours a day and don't pay their employees for hours when there was no electricity.

The authorities are telling us to prepare for complete blackouts that may last for up to two weeks this winter. 
I can't even imagine how people will be able to survive that. 
The elderly, the disabled, children...

Anyway, thank you once more for your time and please let me know if you have any more questions. 
I may not respond quickly but I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as I can.

Best, Bogdan

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